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The National Association for Proton Therapy (NAPT) is a non-profit organization supported by proton center members and is the Voice of the Proton Community. The NAPT promotes education and public awareness for the clinical benefits of proton beam radiation therapy. Founded in 1990, NAPT is an advocate for the advancement of proton therapy. It serves as a resource center for patients, physicians and health care providers, universities, academic medical centers, hospitals, cancer centers, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and other health care agencies, the U.S. Congress and staff, and the news media.

We are strong advocates for patient access to proton therapy as a superior form of radiation treatment for cancerous tumors that can result in less morbidity and minimum to no side effects.

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  • Massachusetts General Hospital

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NAPT/Proton Therapy Consortium Board of Directors: Stuart Klein, chairman, University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute John B. Frick, ProCure Treatment Centers Ryan Barrett, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Yoly Magana, Loma Linda University Medical Center Dr. Carl Rossi, Scripps Health Dr. Bill Hartsell, CDH Proton Center Joy Godby, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Scott Warwick, Provision Fern Nibauer-Cohen, UPENN-Christopher Brent, Mayo Clinic Leonard Arzt, NAPT.