P-Cure to Provide Solutions to ProCure to Expand Proton Therapy Access, Improve Treatment Options

P-Cure Ltd. of Israel and ProCure Ltd. of New York announce the completion of their agreement for ProCure to acquire and install P-Cure’s patient image-guided positioning and adaptive therapy solutions for its Metro New York/New Jersey ProCure Cancer Treatment Center.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 22, 2012

P-Cure Ltd. of Israel and ProCure Ltd. of New York announce the completion of their agreement for ProCure to acquire and install P-Cure’s patient image-guided positioning and adaptive therapy solutions for its Metro New York/New Jersey ProCure Cancer Treatment Center.

The primary challenge to expanding access for cancer patients to proton therapy is to reduce the high capital cost of new treatment centers. The secondary challenge is increase the clinical potential and advantages of proton therapy to precisely adapt the beam to the changing size and location of the patient’s tumor. To demonstrate solutions to both of these challenges, P-Cure will install its next generation patient-centric technology into the ProCure Treatment Center.

P-Cure is introducing an image-guided treatment adaptation solution enabling physicians to precisely focus the beam on the tumor site prior to each patient’s irradiation. The P-Cure approach increases the efficacy of existing treatments and, with full application, expands the ability of proton therapy for treatment of some additional types of cancer in the seated position. Specifically, P-Cure treatment solution will provide to ProCure additional treatment options for thorax located tumors. For example, ProCure’s lung cancer patients, being treated in a seated position will receive the benefits of the P-Cure treatment adaptation approach.

Hadley Ford, CEO of ProCure, said, “We are working with P-Cure to prove the potential of a comprehensive solution to better treat patients and reduce capital costs. The P-Cure solution could fundamentally change the economics of the industry and position P-Cure and ProCure as market leaders in expanding access to proton therapy while enhancing the clinical applications of treatment. We expect to have the P-Cure system fully operating and treating patients in mid 2013.”

“To work with the leading company in the establishment of proton centers in the United States is very important to us”, said Michael Marash, CEO of P-Cure. “Our mission is to demonstrate that a comprehensive solution that can better treat patients is available at a fraction of the capital cost requirements of current proton therapy solutions.”

ProCure is the largest multi-center provider of proton therapy in the United States and has additional centers under development. As a proton center option, the P-Cure solution can vastly expand the options currently available in the less expensive fixed beam room configurations, or as an option for future centers with more fixed beam rooms. The P-Cure system is applicable to both gantry and fixed beam rooms and can be incorporated into any turnkey vendor offerings.

About Proton Therapy:

The historic challenge of radiation therapy has been to balance the delivery of cancer destroying dose distribution with the need to spare healthy tissues and organs. The use of proton beams enables radiation oncologists to deliver higher radiation doses to neutralize cancers while sparing surrounding normal organs and tissues. Proton therapy is minimally invasive; recovery is enhanced and patients retain a high quality of life after recovery.

Currently, the cost of a full service, multi-room proton center in the United States exceeds $180 million. The high cost of equipping and developing a proton center is the most significant limiting factor to expanding the availability of proton therapy. Because of the high capital costs, proton therapy is available to less than one percent of those patients who could benefit from it.

Proton therapy has the potential to replace most forms of x-ray treatments based on its proven ability to reduce harmful radiation to healthy tissues and organs. The intrinsic characteristic of the proton beam is its ability to significantly reduce the ionizing dose to healthy issues and organs and decrease the risk of treatment related side effects.

About P-Cure:

P-Cure, an innovative high tech company, develops and manufactures solutions for more effective delivery of proton therapy at fraction of the current capital and operating costs. The P-Cure’s solution is an accelerator-complementary image-guided positioning and treatment adaptation solution. Combined with a beam delivery system of its partners the P-Cure’s integrated solution is capable of supporting the entire proton treatment course for both scanning and scattering configurations. The first product of P-Cure was cleared by the FDA in 2010. (

About ProCure:

ProCure, a healthcare company that develops and operates full-service proton therapy centers, is the only company in the world with three centers treating patients, several others in development and a Training and Development Center in Bloomington, IN, that provides before-the-job training for all aspects of proton therapy treatment and patient care. ProCure Proton Therapy Centers are located in Oklahoma City, Warrenville, IL. and the newest center, opened in March 2012 in Somerset, NJ. Additionally, ProCure has a center under construction in Seattle, opening in 2013, and others under development.

ProCure has developed an innovative treatment room design using a 90 degree gantry configuration that has reduced their development cost and enhanced treatment options. Further, ProCure pioneered a multi-treatment center design and operational system to reduce capital expenses and enhance system-wide operational flexibility (


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